A brief run down of the last 15 hours

Like most of the geek community we were up before 6 this morning watching the raspberrypi.org homepage. Until 6AM nothing loaded and then at 6 a static page went up which pointed us on to places to buy the Raspberry Pi. These pages also wouldn’t load.

We got through to RS who seemed to be completely unaware of what they and their servers were caught in the middle of and were simply registering expressions of interest. Apparently this will equate to sales soon.

Meanwhile over at Farnell there was total meltdown and reports of them selling out came through by about 06.30.

Six hours later while at lunch from the day job we managed to order from Farnell. Shortly after this they themselves announced they’d sold out. We don’t know if the earlier sell out was false or if the first was units that are actually built and the second was as far as they can build to order. All we know is now both sites are pre-order only.

Several emails have come through from Farnell. Our predicted shipping date is mid-April. We hope it’s sooner.

If you were unlucky this morning don’t worry. There’s plenty that can be done with a Raspberry Pi emulator while you wait for the real thing.

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