Why Pi? Why Audio?

And another blog springs to life.

This blog will lay fairly dormant until the Raspberry Pi has launched but after that some serious audio development will take place. In this we’ll just answer two simple questions about why this blog has begun.

Why Audio?

It’s what we’re good at and what we love. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for audio is a massive deal to us and a scientific field with lots happening in it.

Why the Raspberry Pi?

As well as being audio fanatics, we’re into technology and programming. We believe the world needs more programmers starting younger. Particularly audio programmers.

Recently a tweeter commented:

If the Raspberry Pi works, it means you’ll be able to buy a full computer for less than the price of a large (delivered) pizza in London.

The Raspberry Pi offers an opportunity for people to get hold of a computer that they can truly experiment on without any fear of damaging an expensive asset.

You can see the system layout in the picture below, this highly capable device will be powerful enough to do some great things with audio. We look forward to developing some code on it to share with you.

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